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Looking for a fun and functional gift for a New Dad or Expectant Father to be gift? How about a unique baby shower gift for Dad? The Daddy Diaper Changing Toolbox by will have everyone tickled including the daddy-to-be when he receives a fun filled gift just for him!  As Seen on NBC Today Show with Bobbie Thomas Father's Day gifts!
These days baby showers are much different then in the past baby gifts for Dad and gifts for Expectant Dads has taken hold. The Daddy Diaper Changing Toolbox new dad gift is a way for him to get in on the baby planning action and add a little fun to a baby shower and helps to lighten the stress even after baby arrives. Find unique new dad gifts and Daddy-to-be gifts for the soon-to-be dad at Daddy Diaper Changing Toolbox Patent # 8,047,375.

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Find the Ultimate New Dad Gifts for Dads to Be!

Gifts for Dad to Be has the ultimate in new daddy gifts and expectant father gifts the Daddy Diaper Changing Toolbox. This state of the art gift set is chock full of useful and humorous dad to be gifts that combine functionality and fun! Put all other new dad gifts to shame with this packed kit from staples such as baby wipes to the hilarious poopie poncho! Our toolbox has everything a new dad or father to be needs to survive! Take the Daddy Diaper Changing Toolbox by to the baby shower instead of (or in addition to) traditional baby gifts, dad needs help too! The Daddy Diaper Changing Toolbox - the box that changed it all...As Seen on NBC Today Show with Bobbie Thomas Father's Day gifts!  The Father to be gift he won't forget!!

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The history of baby shower gifts can be traced back over 100 years where friends and family would throw a "shower" the same way they would for a bridal shower; with gifts for Mom to be before her big day having a baby.  An interesting note is that the umbrella was associated to the baby shower due to the fact the event was in the afternoon and the umbrellas would help these gift givers brave the sun and rain along with the Mom to be and Dad to be.

Today, baby showers are much different baby gifts for Dad and new dad gifts has taken hold.  Baby shower gifts run the spectrum of everything from practical to out right hilarious!  The best gift for first time Dads is by far the humorous Daddy Diaper Changing Toolbox.  The diaper changing for some New Dads can be quite the feat and baby shower gifts for the New Dad to be to call his own is a nice touch to the event for the Dad to be to have his moment in the sun.

Hey Dad to be, Go-Gaga for a daddy diaper bag! When Dads out on the town with your little dude or diva, he will be able to carry around a super cool daddy diaper bag for men. This is no European carry all Mr. Seinfeld, it's an ergo dynamic daddy diaper bag for the expectant Father to be and New Dad to be. These Dad diaper bags for men make a great unique baby shower gift for the first time Dads. The Go-Gaga daddy diaper bags are great for carrying around all the baby gear and gadgets you need and to top it off these are great daddy diaper bags for men.

So if your life is changing from dude where's my car to dude where's the baby this daddy diaper bag is for you. The diaper bag expert Jill Cartwright Founder, Go GaGa has a keen eye for fashion focused on Dads to be and Moms which answers the question what about Dad at the baby shower. She created these Dad diaper bags to help with the changing from dude to Father to be with fashion and style from Go-Gaga-Messenger daddy diaper bag to Go-Gaga-Messenger-to Go-Gaga-Slide-Tote-diaper-Bags.

New arrival to When it comes to resources for the expectant Father or New Dad one name tops the list Armin Brott best known as Mr.Dad. Armin is a national syndicated columnist of Ask Mr. Dad and has a weekly National Radio show called Positive Parenting.  This father of 3 has authored several books The Expectant Father Facts, Tips, and Advice for Dads-to-Be, The New Father A New Dads guide to the First Year of Fatherhood.  The Expectant Father and The New Father can be found on CD as well. The fog that comes with Parenthood can be quite the challenge for anyone; Mr.Dad does an excellent job of showing the road ahead for the Dad-to-be highlighting the several pitfalls and unexpected anxieties. Toolbox for New Dads is a unique and eye opening DVD which helps develop strategies, advice, and insight for the father to be. These wonderful gifts for dad to be by Armin Brott can be purchased for under $ 20 each.

Happy Father's Day we hope you find the perfect gift for Dad to be below are several top websites that are hosting giveaways and reviews of the Daddy Diaper Changing Toolbox enjoy!!!