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Healthy Nursery, Healthy Baby-5 Things to Rethink For a Healthier Nursery For Your Baby

As more of us become aware of all the pollutants we inhale each day when breathing indoor air, it makes perfect sense to want to prevent your infant or toddler from breathing these harmful airborne contaminants. Which ones are harmful? Here is a list of the top 5 most frequently found sources of airborne contaminants in your child's nursery and alternatives that are healthier. Rethinking your choices will make the nursery safer for your baby and you.

1. The Mattress-Many manufacturers use chemicals on mattresses to make them less flammable. These chemicals off-gas fumes, and when inhaled often interfere with normal growth and development which can cause learning and behavioral difficulty.

When the mattress foam is made of polyurethane, in most instances, it is coated with a volatile organic chemical known as toluene that also emits harmful fumes for months. Having your baby exposed to and breathing these fumes whenever they are in the crib is pretty scary. Try certified organic bedding which uses all natural products in the manufacturing process and makes play in the crib and bedtime in the nursery safer.

2. Walls and Curtains-Paint, drywall, fabric for draperies and even the wood studs that support the drywall often contain chemicals such as formaldehyde. It is often added to resist stains, and to make fabric wrinkle less. And the glue used for wallpaper and borders can sometimes emit harmful vapors long after the paper has been hung.

Constant inhalation of even the slightest amount of these chemicals can make your baby seem fretful, or restless. And because they are unable to tell you what is wrong, these fumes are probably the last thing you would suspect. Using paints that contain low or no levels of volatile organic chemicals, even though pricier, will give your baby healthier air to breathe.

3. Furniture-Pressed wood furniture, and even plastic furniture, at first seem like great ideas because they are durable, easier to clean, and less likely to be damaged by tiny hands; and even if the worst happens, they are not family heirlooms that have been passed down for generations.

And even though all of this may be true, a lot of pressed wood furniture is made and finished with chemicals that can and often do off gas fumes. (This is sounding like a repeating CD isn't it?) Better to use wood furniture to insure that the baby furniture is not adding to airborne indoor quality problems.

4. Carpet-Not only can carpet be finished with chemicals that make it stain and soil resistant, but the adhesives that are used to glue it down are often laden with strong smelling chemicals often associated with "new carpet smell." And even if your carpet isn't new, it is a haven for trapping mold and mildew, and other spills and accidents that are hard to remove because they may have soaked into the padding or the sub floor beneath.

These pollutants are then sent airborne as your baby crawls, rolls, or sits on the floor, making for even poorer indoor air quality. Wood, or laminate floors with area rugs that can be washed regularly are a healthier alternative.

5. Air-Even if we lived outside, we would all be exposed to mold and mildew spores, pollen, dust, bacteria, viruses, and even volatile organic chemicals which occur naturally throughout nature. Indoor air quality becomes unhealthy when these very natural pollutants can't find a way out of baby's nursery and your well insulated home.

This results in an unnatural build up of pollutants that can interfere with a normal baby's breathing and in fact exacerbate respiratory function for those babies with allergy and asthma. The best way to constantly eliminate airborne contaminants in the nursery is by using a high efficiency particle arresting (or HEPA) in your baby's nursery to provide 24 hours of clean, healthy air daily.


Popular Names For Baby Boys

One of the biggest challenges when a new baby boy is born is picking a suitable name for the baby that both parents and the child can live with. Parents nowadays have a lot of options on what and how to choose names for their babies. Baby boy names, just like names for baby girls, continue to evolve, and while there are the all time favorite names, there are also new and trendy names that come up every now and then. You cannot expect 'Chan' to be a trendy name in Europe, but there are many popular baby names that you and your child will both love.

- There are popular Catholic names and most are derived from the Bible. Ethan, Matthew, Samuel, and Jacob are just some names that are still being used. While Abraham and Saul are also from the Bible, they are not as commonly used as other male names from the Bible.

- Popular baby boy's names in the Latin Region are Julio, Alejandro, Fernando, and Jose. For Arab countries, Abdul and Ahmed are quite common.

- What used to be popular names are now still popular but in a different way. Andrew is now being shortened to Drew, Jonathan is often replaced with John, and David and Dave are both popular names with the same roots. The shortened version of the name is often being used as the first name for a truly modern and updated twist.

Here are also some ways on how to choose your baby boy's name:
Unique names - You can either combine both names of the parents (try combing both first and first syllables, first and last, and other combinations until you get one that sounds right and not weird. You can add the I, II, or III in your baby boy's name if you will be adopting the same names for the past 2 or 3 generations. The legacy of your forefathers name will definitely not be lost nor forsaken as it will still live in the years to come.

Database of names - Generally available online, a database of popular baby names for the current year and the past year are being monitored and recorded. The meaning of the names, especially if they are of Latin or have a significant origin, these name meanings are indicated as well.

Historical inspiration - You can name your baby after an important public figure in your home country. This is something that parents give their children particularly if the name is something the child will be proud of.

Ethnic names - To preserve tradition and culture, if you know of a local and ethnic name for a boy, you can use this name to show your respect and admiration to your ancestral roots.

Choosing a name for your baby boy should be exciting and not stressful or overwhelming. Also remember to incorporate both your ideas on how to choose and narrow down your name's list. The next few months will be filled with anticipation, and what better way to greet your child into the world but by calling him in a name as cute, lovely, and special as he is.


How to Select a Safe Baby Walker?

The right baby walker can help children move around and discover the joys of waking as they gain an understanding of their world from a whole new vantage point. There are certain things that are always important to consider when you are shopping for a safe baby walker. It is strongly recommended to purchase a quality product that ensures safety. Checking the build quality and the manufacturer's brand name is very important. Many babies have been hurt after falling from poor quality walkers. Therefore, if you are planning to buy your baby a new walker, make sure the product is perfect in every way.

Read the product description carefully before you buy a walker. Remember, you cannot take any chance with your baby's safety. Hence, even if secure baby walkers cost more than regular ones, you should try opting for the former for your precious child. You should also follow the same rule even when you are purchasing a walker for your friend's or relative's kid.

A Few Tips About Buying a Baby Walker:

* Shop online to save time:

If you are in a hurry or do not wish to wander around various stores, online shopping is the most feasible option for you. There are several websites that exclusively sell baby products. Visit a few of the reputed ones to check out the types of walkers available. At the same time, you can compare the costs of the same product on different sites without any hassle. Many sites also feature promotional discounts and other offers.

* Go for a reputed brand:

Whether you are shopping for your own baby or as a gift, you must opt for the best brands that have built a reputation for the quality of their products. Poor quality materials might harm the tender skin of the toddler, and such products rarely have substantial safety features. Walkers allow a baby to move fast and potentially wander into dangerous areas. They can endanger the safety of a child. A good quality walker is slow and wide, thus preventing the baby's inquisitive reach from accessing anything dangerous.

* Check all details:

If you are shopping online, you should read the product description thoroughly. The pictures on reputed sites will display the product from multiple angles and highlight the safety features. If you are purchasing the baby vehicle from the retail store, you can check it yourself. During this time, you should make sure that that the wheels and seat are strong enough to take the weight of the baby. Make sure the wheels are covered with protective rubber coats, brakes, restricted movement so the baby may not pick up speed, and has other necessary safety features.

* Compare the features and cost:

Compare the costs of the product in a couple of shops, or if shopping online, on a few websites. You can also compare and contrast different products and brands. Make a note of the list of features to help you decide which one to buy. You can easily compare the rates and buy a walker with the best features from the site or store offering the best value for money. Also, consider discounts and free delivery when shopping online.


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